Music Memories App Reviews

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Musical nostalgia

Absolutely love this app how it pulls in songs from various chapters of your life. I always associate certain song with the time in my life when I first heard the song and this app really brings back memories.


Really clever design. More or less replicates the memories experience is the stock Photos app, but with your music!

Doesn’t work!

This sounded like an interesting concept. It just doesn’t work. I also gave my Apple ID password and now wish I hadn’t! I asked for a music memory and it said I didn’t have any? I think it will only be able to start keeping track of what music you listen to after installing it. So twenty years from now, I’ll be able to have a memory from today! Not what was represented in the description.

totally stole my idea

so i'm not a developer but I had this idea for a great app and now I don't have to learn how to create apps and develop one cause its already here and free. thanx. You thought this was gonna be a bad reviews didn't you.

This is great!

Thank you for this.


Just downloaded this. When I get to add images the app crashes. Tried 3 times to create a list. Finally got it to work and not one song was added to the list. If this is supposed to add automatically it’s not. I don’t need another app that I have to manually add songs and create playlists.


Had no idea an app could work so flawlessly with my Apple Music app to re-create past memories! This app has helped me dig up some old jems and reminded me of different periods in my life. How fun!

A clever idea

This is something that I wish Apple Music had by default, and it’s a great compliment to the Apple Music system.

Fastest way to make playlist you love!

I love using this app especially with the “dynamic memories”! I was able to listen to a playlist of music from 3 years ago in college! The fact that all of this works with the built in Music app makes this app a real gem.

Best way to play old memories!

I love using this app on jogs! Being able to listen to different parts of my year is my favorite feature because it’s spot on!

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